Obsessed with building creator brands

About Me

I’m obsessed with building creator brands. I’m not afraid to break a few things to promote your growth and I always keep an emphasis on ethics and empathy. I’ve learned from the ground-up how to shape personal brands,  communicate with and manage various partners, monetize channels, and engage with a variety of  communities.

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30 Days to Monetization

It is terrifying as a creator to venture into new platforms, especially without an immediate return on investment. Working closely with the Twitch creator Taylien over the last few years, I noticed growth had slowed. We had been doing the same thing for too long and needed to break the pattern. After studying our metrics, I developed a new growth plan that in part would leverage YouTube. Step 1 was reaching monetization and in exactly 30 days, we doubled her watch hours and achieved our goal far beyond our expectations.

“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.”